Simply Music

Music learning method

Illustration / Surface Graphics / Packaging /
Print collateral such as notebooks for kits /
Corporate Identity and stationery roll-out

Simply Music uses a revolutionary method in piano and keyboard teaching. Unlike the conventional process in which students learn to read and write music before they play, this method relies on the same way small children learn to talk – using our natural rhythmic instincts and attuning ourselves to the music by ‘feeling it' and ‘seeing it’. Therefore a series of expressive marks were developed in ink, pencil, crayons and paint to create compositions that had a musical feel and symbolised the teaching method.

Client –
Simply Music
Created while freelancing at Smartworks


SimplyMusic 1
SimplyMusic 1b
SimplyMusic 1c
SimplyMusic 1d

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SimplyMusic 2
SimplyMusic 2b
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SimplyMusic 2d

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