The Walk Cafe

Cafe / Restaurant

Branding and print

The use of vintage photography helped form the overall theme. Eating, drinking enjoying life was the client’s ethos. The candidness and sentimental aspect of these images were courtesy of the Nicolaidis family albums are also relevant to the tone and feel of the establishment.

Interior -
Julian Tan

Branding / Concepts

TheWalk Title
TheWalk Logo 2
TheWalk Logo 3
TheWalk Logo Concept 4
/ Concepts – Using a poodle and a Frenchy chic feel.
TheWalk Logo Concepts 5
/ Concepts – Poodle 'meets' iconic Art Deco.
TheWalk Logo Concepts 6
/ Concepts – People walking, stencil like typography.
TheWalk Logo Concepts 7
/ Concepts – Imagery sentimental to client.
TheWalk Photo 1
TheWalk Photo 2
TheWalk Photo 3
TheWalk Photo 4

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Vintage photography

TheWalk Stationery 1
TheWalk Stationery 2
TheWalk Stationery 3
TheWalk Stationery 4

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TheWalk Vintage 1
TheWalk Vintage 2
TheWalk Vintage 3

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